Merit Badge Counsleors

Mr. Robertello – Hiking, Engineering, Electronics, Aviation, Backpacking, Cooking, Automotive, Weather, Woodcarving, Camping*, Environmental Science*, Personal Management*

Mr. Schouviller – Hiking*, Cycling*, Citizen in Nation*, Citizen in World*, Astronomy, Weather, Surveying, Stamp Collecting, Personal Fitness*, Orienteering, Geocaching, Computers, Communication*, Coin Collecting

Mrs. Jankus – Family Life*, Pets, Medicine, Gardening, First Aid*, Bird Study, Photography

Mr. Pepin – Geocaching, Archery

Mr. Aucoin – Communications, First Aid*

Mrs. Lin – Coin Collecting

Mr. Sproull – Camping*, Personal Management*, Personal Fitness*, Crime Prevention, Emergency Prep*, Cooking*, Computers, Camping*

Mr. DeiTos – Scouting Heritage

Mr. Roskind – Aviation, Camping*, Citizen in Community*, Crime Prevention, Emergency Preparedness*, Personal Management*, Traffic Safety

Mr. Burns – Citizen in World*, Hiking*

Mr. Kaelin – Public Speaking, Family Life*

Troop 1113 Library

* – Eagle Required


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