Troop Committee

August 2014 Committee_meeting_minutes

Scoutmaster – Mr. Robertello

Committee Chairman – Mr. Schouviller

Mr. Todd – Chartering Organization Representative

Mr. Aucoin – Advancement and Awards

Mrs. Ward – Advancement and Awards

Mr. Marshall – Eagle Rank Advancement Coordinator

Mr. Burns – Eagle Coach

Mr. Stewart – George Mason District Eagle Advisor

Mr. Mansfield – Quartermaster

Mr. Kirbabas – Communication and Webmaster

Mrs. Callahan – Treasurer

Mr. Sproull – Religious Awards and OA Rep

Mrs. Weis – Summer Camp Coordinator

Mrs. Lin – Monthly Camping Coordinator

Mr. Pepin – New Scouts Assistant Scoutmaster

Mr. Kyte – Health and Safety and Scouting for Food Coordinator

Mrs. Greene – New SCout Recruitment

Mr. Kaelin – Assistant Scoutmaster

Mr. Roskind – Assistant Scoutmaster

Mr. Turner – Assistant Scoutmaster

Mr. Gormley – Assistant Scoutmaster

Mr. McDonald – Assistant Scoutmaster

Mr. Revor – Assistant Scoutmaster

Mr. Kahle – Assistant Scoutmaster


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