Alex B Eagle Project – July 8

Hello all, my Eagle project will be this Saturday, July 8th at 9:00 AM at Van Dyck Park. We will be building and painting three American flag collection boxes, which will be placed at local community spots.
Breakfast will be provided, and lunch as well if we run into the afternoon. Work will include assembling the boxes, using screwdrivers, and painting using spray paint. Please bring close toed shoes and work clothes. This is an excellent opportunity for some service hours, and if you have any friends who are in need of some I encourage you to bring them.
Thank you, and I will see you on Saturday.
Alex B
William J. Schouviller
T/C1113 committee chair
GM district commissioner staff

Troop 1113 Mulch Fundraiser 2017 Wrap-up

Congratulations are in order to all the Scouts and parents of Troop 1113 who delivered mulch to 23 neighborhoods in less than eight hours  during the mulch drive this year.  We achieved our financial goal to fund the operations of the Troop for another year.  We even had an increase over last yearWith the best mulch delivery weather we have probably ever had, the  majority of the work was finished by about 2:30. After take down, clean up, pallet removal, and yard grading, the clean-up crew was still able to get out of the yard by 3:30.  

There were no injuries, minimal broken bags, and only two initially misdirected deliveries out of 134 orders. Demand for mulch was very high this year owing to the early onset of warm weather.  We completely sold out of mulch almost two weeks before the deadline.  Donations were also up!

This was our most cost-effective sales drive of the last decade.  Our total expenses were the lowest since 2007, as were our average expenses per bag delivered.  As a result, the margin per bag paid into the Troop Treasury was the highest on record.  We used a leaner mix of mostly donated trucks, trailers, and pickups this year, and mailing costs were minimized because of the high response rate to our hand-delivered flyers.

Some 29 hardworking Scouts and friends took part this year. Some two dozen parents also volunteered in the Mosby Woods lot, and on the road.  We couldn’t have done it without our parent volunteers and their donated vehicles, gas, time, and efforts.  The yard set up was efficient, and the food was excellent.  There was a good mix of delivery vehicles with one large donated stake truck, one rented mini-flatbed, seven pick-ups, four trailers, and three cars or vans.  The forklift was kept humming all day long, loading mulch and making numerous deliveries throughout the Mosby Woods neighborhood.  Smooth operators all.

Congratulations, and thank you one and all.  

Dick Greene.

A special thank you from myself to Mr. “MulchMaster” Greene for his extraordinary organizational skills.

Jerry Robertello
Troop 1113 Scoutmaster
Fairfax, VA

Troop 1113 – Bharath’s Eagle Project

Dear Troop 1113,

My name is Bharath C. and I am performing my eagle scout project this Monday from 9-2 pm at the Knights of Columbus Hall. It is a blood drive and you don’t have to stay the whole time to participate in this eagle project. The Red Cross is helping me run this blood drive and you only need to spend 15 -30 minutes of your day to help us achieve our goal in terms of the amount of blood we get. I know it is a work day and many people are busy; however, it would be great if you could come by donate and be on your way back to work within half an hour. Also I need a couple of volunteers to help me run the drive doing things like escorting people to their cars and providing them with refreshments. Any help would be appreciated. Donors can sign up for time slots on this site at whatever time they feel comfortable:

Also donors must bring photo ID to donate. If the donor meets the weight requirements and is under 17 (must be 16) they must fill out a form to be signed by there parents which can be found at this link:

There will also be plenty of refreshments and volunteers/scouts will get service hours for helping out on this project.

I would really appreciate any help I get and I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

Thank You,
Bharath C.
Knights Of Columbus Hall: 3702 Old Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22030
Jerry Robertello
Troop 1113 Scoutmaster
Fairfax, VA

Troop 1113 – Greg’s June 18 Eagle Project UPDATE

Dear Scouts,

My Eagle Scout project will be on Saturday June 18th starting at 9am and ending at around 3pm. Please meet at Van Dyke Park near upper pavilion where we will be building a butterfly garden. You will need to bring gloves and closed toe shoes. There will be food and refreshments. It will be a good chance to help the community and get service hours so please come.

GregV Eagle Project Parent Consent Form



Troop 1113 – Jonathan A’s Eagle Project


On Saturday June 11th I will be holding my Eagle Scout project. The project will start at 10am and should last a few hours. My project will be held at the end of Stonehurst Dr. – in a neighborhood fairly close to St. Leo’s

My project will entail renovating an existing french drain and removing some invasive species from a field area. Scouts should wear long pants and shirt, closed toed shoes, and heavy work gloves. Refreshments will be provided. Additionally, if scouts could bring any or all of the following tools, it would be a big help:

Wheel barrows**(Really need these)
Hedge clippers & Garden clippers
Saws, Axes, Machete, other vine/bush cutting instruments
(Other general gardening equipment)
Spare gloves

Please bring the signed Jonathan A Eagle Project Parent Consent Form June 2016

This is a great opportunity to serve our community and get some service hours while we’re at it. I hope to see you all there.

— Sincerely,
Jonathan A.

Troop 1113 – Blenheim Historic Civil War Days – Volunteers Needed April 30

Blenheim Historic Civil War days is requesting volunteers for the morning and/or the afternoon of Fairfax Civil War Day. The are requesting our assistance in providing scouts (8th-grade +). They need about 5 scouts for the morning shift and about 10 for the afternoon shift. You will also earn volunteer service hours for scouts or school. Please contact Mrs. Loewenwarter ASAP to confirm your availability and further information.

Historic Blenheim (3610 Old Lee Highway) is in search of able-bodied volunteers to help with their annual Fairfax Civil War Day Saturday, April 30.

Union aeronaut Thaddeus Lowe (Kevin Knapp) comes solo with his 35-ft hot gas balloon and equipment. We are seeking 15-20 people to help prepare the exhibit in the morning and break it down in the afternoon. Anyone participating in either one of the 2-hour time shifts will enter free and will receive a meal ticket to the Red, Hot and Blue vendor. Details are below.
8:30-10:30am–set up, unloading equipment, including laying out balloon, holding ropes and securing when inflated (10-10:30).
4:30-6:30pm–break down.

*to be there for one or both shifts…but for the full two hours.
*able to focus, listen to directions

*free admission to Fairfax Civil War Day (10am-5pm)*Usual cost is $5, ($3 12 & under) *free meal ticket (vendor truck from Red, Hot and Blue) *a fun day *volunteer hours

*3610 Old Lee Highway
*free parking at Fairfax High School down the street (8-block walk–shuttle begins at 9:30) or
3 blocks away in neighborhood community pool lot –3602 Old Post Road
Thank you so much for your help!


Andrea Loewenwarter

Historic Resources Specialist
Historic Blenheim
3610 Old Lee Highway
(mailing address: 10209 Main Street)
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
(703) 591-6728 or
(703) 591-0560

Troop 1113 – KoC Christmas Tree Unloading – Nov. 28 @ 8AM


We will be helping the Knights of Columbus off-load Xmas Trees on Saturday November 28 at 8:00 a.m. in front of St. Leo School. That is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. There will be donuts for those helping. The Xmas tree sale is one of the Knights major fundraising activities for the year. The Knights of Columbus are the Troop’s sponsor and provide us with a lot of assistance. We couldn’t operate without the Knight’s sponsorship, not to mention the support they gave us in getting the trailer. For that reason attendance is mandatory. I’ll expect everyone to be there unless you have received permission, via e-mail, from me.

Please remember to wear closed toed shoes and bring work gloves as we will be handling Xmas trees. You will be given a mandatory safety talk before we start the unloading. It is very important that everyone follow the instructions carefully. We want to make sure that everyone not only has a good time, but also remains safe.

I will authorize service hours for unloading Xmas trees to help the KofC.

Yours in Scouting,
Mr. Robertello