Troop 1113 – Mulch Fund Raiser 2017

A big thank you to all the scouts and parents who contributed to the success of this year’s mulch flyer delivery effort.

After a bit of calculation we have the following wrap-up. Any comments or additions would be welcome.

On February 11, 2017 the Scouts and parents of Troop 1113 delivered 2693 advertising flyers to 20 neighborhoods to start the Mulch fundraiser for this year. The effort lasted from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM.

15 Scouts participated in the Troop 1113 effort, contributing approximately 60 person-hours. Some 9 parents participated, contributing approximately 39 person-hours, plus 9 vehicles and gas. The total personnel cost for the day comes to 99 person-hours. So it costs us about 2.2 minutes of volunteer time to get a flyer out. This is down from 2.7 minutes last year, itself a very good effort. In terms of delivery time per flyer, this is the most efficient operation we have run in the last eight years for which we have comparable records.

We have also mailed out 40 initial flyers . In a few weeks, we will do follow-up mailings to especially good customers who have not yet responded to our flyers.

After two weeks we have we have exceeded the five year average of bag sales and are fast approaching last year’s two-week total.

Great job!

Jerry Robertello
Troop 1113 Scoutmaster
Fairfax, VA


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