Troop 1113 – Bharath’s Eagle Project

Dear Troop 1113,

My name is Bharath C. and I am performing my eagle scout project this Monday from 9-2 pm at the Knights of Columbus Hall. It is a blood drive and you don’t have to stay the whole time to participate in this eagle project. The Red Cross is helping me run this blood drive and you only need to spend 15 -30 minutes of your day to help us achieve our goal in terms of the amount of blood we get. I know it is a work day and many people are busy; however, it would be great if you could come by donate and be on your way back to work within half an hour. Also I need a couple of volunteers to help me run the drive doing things like escorting people to their cars and providing them with refreshments. Any help would be appreciated. Donors can sign up for time slots on this site at whatever time they feel comfortable:

Also donors must bring photo ID to donate. If the donor meets the weight requirements and is under 17 (must be 16) they must fill out a form to be signed by there parents which can be found at this link:

There will also be plenty of refreshments and volunteers/scouts will get service hours for helping out on this project.

I would really appreciate any help I get and I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

Thank You,
Bharath C.
Knights Of Columbus Hall: 3702 Old Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22030
Jerry Robertello
Troop 1113 Scoutmaster
Fairfax, VA


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