We’re Restructuring our Meetings and Reinvigorating the Patrol Method

Troop 1113 Parents and Scouts,

We held our Patrol Leaders’ Council meeting this past Sunday and we came with a game plan for restructuring our weekly Troop meetings and reinvigorating the Patrol Method in the Troop. That being said, because we only have a core of about 16-20 boys that show up regularly we will be restructuring our Patrols, reducing the number from 5 Patrols to 4. Either Robert or James will be volunteering to relinquish their duties as Patrol Leader and assume a different leadership position in the Troop.

You can expect that our Troop meetings will be structured to follow the basic timeline below:
First, we will sit as a patrol.
7:35 – Opening ceremony (this will be conducted by a different patrol each week)
7:40 – Attendance (Scribe)
7:45 – Weekly activity (Merit Badges or Specific Patrol Activities)
8:15 – Organized Game
8:40 – Patrol Time (This time is to be used to plan menus for campouts, discuss roses and thorns from the last campouts, and discuss with the members of the Patrol what they need for rank advancement or what they would like to see happen at meetings etc. so that the Patrol Leaders can then bring these ideas/discussions to the SPL/ASPL)
8:50 – Announcements / Scoutmaster Minute
8:55 – Dismissal

If a Scout has a leadership position in the Troop, they are expected to attend the Troop meetings. We have not enforced attendance in the past as a requirement for credit, however, it common sense dictates that it is hard to get credit for performing the duties of a leadership position if you are never there. Therefore, based on the attendance records that the Scribe keeps, we will require that those in Leadership Positions attend at least 50% of Troop Meetings every month and at least one campout or other organized activity every 3 months. Prior to a Scout going for his Scoutmaster Conference or Board of Review the SPL or ASPL will confirm that the Scout has performed his duty. We understand that family emergencies and other family activities come up and therefore will address those on a case by case basis, however if you know you are not going to attend regularly you shouldn’t be signing up for a leadership position.

Patrol Flags – We will be making flags for our patrols. These will go on our campouts.
Merit Badges – We will be focusing on Citizenship in the World as our next Merit Badge. For those boys that have Citizenship in the World, we will be working on potato cannons for the patrol challenge. These will be new challenges given to the patrols each month with a specific goal in mind and whichever patrol completes this to the best of Ethan and my judgement will receive a ribbon to put on their flag and every election cycle the patrol with the most ribbons will win a prize. To receive it however you also must maintain the 50% monthly attendance. Along with this on the last meeting of every month we will have a vote for the next merit badge which we will work on throughout the next month.

To paraphrase Donald Trump, we just want to “Make Our Troop Great Again!” Specifically, we want to encourage more participation at meetings and on campouts or at activities.

Thank you and tomorrow meeting is very important in relation to the upcoming months and the patrol you or your child will be sorted in for campouts so please try your hardest to attend the meeting tomorrow.

Yours in Scouting,
Ethan and Thomas


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