Troop 1113 – Blenheim Historic Civil War Days – Volunteers Needed April 30

Blenheim Historic Civil War days is requesting volunteers for the morning and/or the afternoon of Fairfax Civil War Day. The are requesting our assistance in providing scouts (8th-grade +). They need about 5 scouts for the morning shift and about 10 for the afternoon shift. You will also earn volunteer service hours for scouts or school. Please contact Mrs. Loewenwarter ASAP to confirm your availability and further information.

Historic Blenheim (3610 Old Lee Highway) is in search of able-bodied volunteers to help with their annual Fairfax Civil War Day Saturday, April 30.

Union aeronaut Thaddeus Lowe (Kevin Knapp) comes solo with his 35-ft hot gas balloon and equipment. We are seeking 15-20 people to help prepare the exhibit in the morning and break it down in the afternoon. Anyone participating in either one of the 2-hour time shifts will enter free and will receive a meal ticket to the Red, Hot and Blue vendor. Details are below.
8:30-10:30am–set up, unloading equipment, including laying out balloon, holding ropes and securing when inflated (10-10:30).
4:30-6:30pm–break down.

*to be there for one or both shifts…but for the full two hours.
*able to focus, listen to directions

*free admission to Fairfax Civil War Day (10am-5pm)*Usual cost is $5, ($3 12 & under) *free meal ticket (vendor truck from Red, Hot and Blue) *a fun day *volunteer hours

*3610 Old Lee Highway
*free parking at Fairfax High School down the street (8-block walk–shuttle begins at 9:30) or
3 blocks away in neighborhood community pool lot –3602 Old Post Road
Thank you so much for your help!


Andrea Loewenwarter

Historic Resources Specialist
Historic Blenheim
3610 Old Lee Highway
(mailing address: 10209 Main Street)
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
(703) 591-6728 or
(703) 591-0560


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