MULCH DELIVERY SATURDAY March 19th – Mulch is Mandatory for all Scouts

MULCH DELIVERY SATURDAY 19MAR16 – Mulch is Mandatory for all Scouts.

Troop 1113 needs pick-up trucks, trailers, and drivers to deliver mulch on Saturday, March 19th, starting at 7:00 AM at the Mosby Woods pool parking lot.  The mulch comes in 3 cu. ft. plastic bags.  The Scouts will provide the labor to load, unload, and stack the mulch. Pick-up trucks and trailers are invaluable for delivering small lots of mulch bags to individual houses apart from the clusters serviced by the larger trucks.  If you have a pick-up truck or trailer and can drive for the Troop, please e-mail Dick Greene: as soon as you know your availability.
If you don’t have a pick-up or trailer, the Troop also needs 10 – 12 chase cars or minivans to ferry Scouts following the larger trucks.  Driving a chase car involves nothing more than operating the vehicle.  There is no need to lift or carry anything.  If you can drive a chase car or van, please e-mail Dick as soon as you know of your availability.


We are looking for 3 or 4 adults with GPS to ride along and guide the large trucks and mini-flatbeds during delivery. If you have a GPS and would like to help speed the process along please contact myself or Dick Greene.
Finally the Mulchmaster needs an assistant to sit near the coffee and doughnuts to cross orders off the master list as drivers return from their deliveries, to keep track of returned order forms, and to take in any cash.  Please contact Dick Greene if you are willing to do this.

Please mark your calendars now.  This is the Troop’s only fund-raiser all year long.  Please help us, and please let Mr. Greene know ASAP if you can donate your time or the use of your vehicle.

Yours in Scouting,

Jerry Robertello

Troop 1113 Scoutmaster

Fairfax, VA


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