Troop 1113 – Court Of Honor On Wednesday 12/16

Greetings Troop,

We have our Fall Troop Court of Honor on this coming Wednesday at the Saint Leo Parrish Hall. An updated Troop Org chart is attached below. I’ve also updated our Troop Calendar based on the Sunday Troop committee meeting changes and have attached

To help coordinate the refreshments I’ve made the following patrol assignments:

Garter – Drinks (water, sodas, juice)
Rattler – Desserts (such as brownies, apple pie, pumpkin pie, cakes, pineapples upside-down cake…)
Cobra/JASM – Setup, Tablecloth covers, Chips and Dips
Python/Moccasin – Fruits (watermelon (cut), grapes, apples, strawberries, bananas, pineapples (cored), fruit salad, etc)
Viper – Clean up (please bring trash bags and cleaning supplies)

Please email me with what you plan to bring to the event so we can make sure we have the right variety

Jerry Robertello
Troop 1113 Scoutmaster
Fairfax, VA


Troop1113_Org_Dec_2015 (1)


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