Troop 1113 Mulch Madness Results

Congratulations are in order to all the Scouts and parents of Troop 1113 who delivered mulch to 21 neighborhoods in about 6 hours during the mulch drive this year. This was our quickest turnaround ever. We were mostly done by 1:00, with the last truck rolling in about 1:30. So with take down, clean up, and yard grading we were all out of there by 3:00. No injuries, no lost bags, four broken bags, and two requests to have mulch re-situated in customers’ driveways.

Some 37 Scouts took part this year, an excellent turnout. More than two dozen parents volunteered in the Mosby Woods lot, and on the road. We couldn’t have done it without our parent volunteers and their donated vehicles, gas, time, and efforts. The yard set up was efficient, and the food was excellent. There was a good mix of delivery vehicles with two large trucks, two mini-flatbeds, four pick-ups, two vans, and two trailers. The forklift was kept humming all day long, loading mulch and making numerous deliveries throughout the Mosby Woods neighborhood. Smooth operators all.

Congratulations, and thank you one and all.

Mr. Greene (aka, MulchMaster)


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