Scoutmaster Minute – March 18, 2015

Hope for the Future

Sometimes I’ll hear somebody start a sentence like “These kids today … “ and then follow with some complaint about how young people today are not nearly as good as the young people they grew up with. Depending on the situation, I’ll either have to bite my tongue or tell them how mistaken I feel they are. I’ll never agree with them.

These complainers have clearly not spent much time with young men like yourselves. You follow the Scout Law, which sets a high standard. You are good citizens. You do your duty to God and country. You balance school and sports and other activities, yet you still manage to find time to help others. And when things go wrong and you don’t live the way you should, you take responsibility and set yourselves back on the right path.

You give me hope for the future. Don’t forget that. You can inspire others, just as others have inspired you. Live the Scout Oath and Scout Law every day. Keep the hope alive.


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