Troop 1113 – Mulch Madness 2015: Delivery day is this Saturday, March 21

Scouts and Scouters:
The long range forecast for this Saturday suggests that it will be sunny and cool. Temperatures are forecast to be in the 60s.  We’ll be outside all day. We’ll work up a sweat lugging those mulch bags.  That means that we need to pay attention to how we dress. Use layers so that
we can take off a layer or two while working and then put them back on when eating your donuts, pizza, and other goodies. Recommend that you wear poly-pro or other synthetic materials next to your skin that will wick away your sweat.  It is much better than cotton when it comes to keeping you dry. Make sure you wear closed toed shoes or boots to protect your feet and work gloves for your

Mulch is MANDATORY for all Scouts. That is 100% of the Troop. We have over 3,000 mulch bags to deliver. That will take all of your strong muscles.

We start this Saturday at 7:00 a.m. sharp in the parking lot of the Mosby Woods pool.

Mosby Woods Pool
3136 Plantation Parkway
Fairfax, VA

There will be a sign-up sheet near the food in the parking lot. Make sure you sign in. I will have a roster of all Scouts.

Mulch is the ONLY fund-raiser our Troop runs during the year. It is one day of delivering mulch.
Mulch revenue pays for the bus to Summer Camp, all of the tents, lanterns, stoves, dining tarps, cook wear, ground clothes and other gear that the Troop uses. It also pays for all the advancement patches, Scout handbooks, neckerchiefs and the other items that you earn from the Troop. Finally, mulch revenue helped pay for the Troop trailer and subsidizes the expenses of adults who attend the weekend camping trips and summer camp. In short, the Troop
couldn’t function without mulch revenue.

If you have a compelling reason why you can’t attend mulch (in the hospital, broken leg, etc.) you MUST E-MAIL me, the Scoutmaster and explain why you are asking for permission to miss all or part of mulch. If you don’t have the Scoutmaster’s permission, you are expected to attend.

Yours in Scouting,
(571) 225-9835


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