Troop 1113 – Philmont – Troop Campout this Weekend

This weekend we will be doing a Philmont campout as part of the Troop
trip to Bull Run. Everyone needs to sign up for the campout on Wednesday if
you have not already. You will be using only the camping gear that your
bring and the crew gear that we will provide.

On Friday when we meet at the Troop shed we will identify tent mates and
distribute crew gear and food.

When the trailer is loaded we will load our packs last.
When we get near the Bull run camp site we will unload our backpacks and
walk (~1 mile) into camp.

We will set up our camp near the Troop but in a separate space.
On Saturday morning we will pack up camp and hike another mile, stop and
have breakfast.

Depending on when the shot gun shooting is we will do another 3-5 miles
with packs and retune to the troop campsite and set up camp again.
We will participate in the shoot gun shooting and then return to camp.
On Sunday morning we will pack up our camp hike another mile and have

We will the hike out to the place we were dropped off on Friday, and wait
for the trailer.

All meals will be backpacking meals. Four crew members volunteered
to plan, purchase and provide meals:

Nick G. – Breakfast
Nike K. – Lunch
Thomas K. – Dinner
Ben M. – Breakfast

Each of these scouts need to bring a menu of their meal on Wednesday for
review. There are any number of sources for ideas for a backpacking meal on
the internet. Dinner will be the only hot mean of the day and will be cooked
as a one pot meal.

If for some reason you cannot make this weekend, please contact me.

Mr. Pepin
Troop 1113


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