Scoutmaster Minute – February 11, 2015

Valentine’s Day is this weekend so I thought I’d talk about romance, but not the
kind of romance that normally comes to mind. If you look in a dictionary,
romance is defined as, the disposition to delight in mysterious adventure.

And, that describes Scouting, letting scouts choose where they want to embark on
their next adventure.

Romance is the excitement you feel when you climb to the top of a 5 story tower,
and the sinking in your stomach as you rappel back down.

Romance is the adventure you live when you get you finish your first 5 mile
hike, and again when you complete that 50 mile trek carrying everything you need
on your back.

Romance is the first time you earn a merit badge in some skill you never heard

And, romance is the pride and respect that overcomes you when you earn the
highest rank in Boy Scouts of America, Eagle Scout.

While this is a different kind of romance, in the end, it’s still about love.

It’s about the love of nature, the love of God, the love of country, and the
love of your friends.

So, as you blaze your way along this romantic trail known as Scouting, don’t
hold back your disposition to delight in mysterious adventure, but remember
that, like every good relationship, you only get out of it what you put into it.


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