Scoutmaster Minute – December 10, 2014

Feathers –
There once was two young Indian braves that were best of friends. They grew together, hunting, playing, and learning to be men in the tribe. Over time, both of these men caught the eye of a young women in the tribe, and they both began to try to win her heart.

As time went on, the young women favored one over the other and they began to court. This angered the other friend and he began to speak of his friend in ways that ultimately destroyed their friendship and the honor of young man preparing to be married. He said vicious things about his family; he talked about this character in ways that ruined the reputation of the brave.

One day as the two former friends passed, he noticed that he had truly hurt him; a tear was in his eye. The brave that slandered his fellow tribesman ran to the Wiseman of the tribe.
He asked the Wiseman if there was any way to repair the damage that had been done.

The Wiseman instructed him to go and climb to the highest peak, there he would find the nest of an Eagle. In that nest would be feathers, he was to gather up all of the feathers and bring them back to the village.

The young brave set off of the journey to the highest peak. Days upon days, he walked, always thinking about the things that he had done. He reached the mountain and began to climb until he finally found the nest on the peak. He gathered the feathers and started his journey back to the village.

He was greeted at the village gate by the Wiseman. “I have done as you instructed” he declared showing the feathers.

“Good, now return to the peak and let the feathers go. Let them fly to the North and the South, the East and West” said the Wiseman.
And so the brave turned and started his second journey to the peak. He arrived at the mountain top and let loose the feathers. They blew in every direction.

Upon returning to the village, the brave once again was greeted by the Wiseman. “I have let loose all the feathers and they have blown across the land” said the brave. “Good, my son, now go and pick up all of the feathers that you have scattered” the Wiseman replied. “That is impossible, I can never find, nor pick up all of the feathers that I have spread across the country side. There are to many, and I do not know where they have gone.”

“Such are your words” the Wiseman began, “Once you loose your words, like the ringing of a bell or the letting go of the feathers, you can never take them back or collect them again. They are gone, in the wind, and where they land you will never know. Hurtful words and words that bring pain and disrepute can never be taken back, so if you are to spread your words, make sure they are good and helpful. Words that heal and are friendly.”

The words of the Wiseman are so true. Words mean nothing, until they touch the ears of the listener. Make them count.

Think before you talk and be watchful of how you speak.

All of us can learn from this message, I have.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


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