Tonight’s Troop/Crew Committee Meeting – Dec. 3, 2014

ll Troop/Crew Parents,

This evening the third of December will be our next Troop/Crew committee meeting scheduled in conjunction with the Troop meeting from 7:30 – 8:30 PM in the Olde Parish Hall (Saint Mark room). During tonight’s Troop meeting Scout master conferences and boards of review will be held, so I expect to step through the below agenda smartly making time at the end for necessary board of reviews. Each parent in the Troop/Crew is a member of the Troop/Crew Committee and we welcome your active participation in this meeting.

The draft agenda for the meeting is listed below. If anyone has any additional agenda items that they wish to include please contact me directly. Per our established format we will discuss financials, membership, awards & advancement first. Followed by:
I. Upcoming camping trips:

12-14 Dec WEBELOS event Prince William Forest Park

23-25 Jan Ski Trip – Timberline, WV

20-22 Feb Merit Badge – Camp Rock Enon

20-22 Mar Shotgun Shooting, Bull Run, VA

17-19 Apr Canoeing, Levels, WV

May Calvert Cliffs / Fishing

June Mountain Biking

All season Backpacking workups for Philmont

II. Feedback on recent events:
14-16 November Football Game and Go Karting

Christmas Tree unloading

III. Summer camp prices and planning

IV. 2015 Dues discussion

VI. Safety: Open discussion & Adult leader child protection training / certification compliance status & latest BSA policies.

VII. SPL Report
VIII. Troop Calendar review.
IX. Open discussion


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