Troop 1113 – Hiking MB/Philmont 2015 – Nov. 29

Hikers/Philmont Crew,
We will be doing a 10 mile hike after the Christmas tree unloading tomorrow
(Saturday 11/29). Because of the timing we will do our hike over at
Fountainhead Park. The tree unloading should take ~1 hour. Once we are
released from unloading trees we will get together and see how many cars we
need to get us to the Park. The hike should take ~5 hours. Take a look at
the weather and dress appropriately (layers, no cotton). You will need to
bring a lunch for yourself as well as the mandatory water.

Philmont Crew – Bring your backpacks and wear your boots. We will start to
check the weight of packs and go into more detail about specific equipment.
Yes, we will be having our walk in the Park on Sunday at 7am as planned.
Anytime you cannot make a Sunday, send me an e-mail so we can give you less
of a hard time about missing it. Wear your boots.


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